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National ... From basic to excellence.


Barcelona Soccer Academy is one of Central Florida's top year-round academy's. it's an amazing opportunity for select players to get elite level training based on the methodology and innovative curriculum of some of the world's most recognized and successful clubs in Europe. We aspire to develop players to become the best they can be and inspire a lifelong passion for the sport.


All of our training drills and tactics come directly from a UEFA Pro curriculum from Spain. Training methods used by top teams in Europe and are replicated through our customized coach's curriculum, and represent the latest findings in the technical, tactical and psychological aspects of the game and individual player development. The program is designed to give dedicated and talented players the training and experience needed to reach the highest levels of the game. In addition, select teams are selected each year to compete in Disney 3v3 tournaments.

BSA- Typical activities featured in the training sessions include:


  • Technical training: shooting, ball control, dribbling, passing etc.
  • Tactical training: attacking and defensive positioning.
  • Physical training: speed work, agility and resistance etc.
  • Strategic training: match pace, pressure of playing, teamwork etc.
  • Mental coaching: routines, preparation, controlling emotions in adverse situations etc.
  • Positional training: corners, spaces, blocking, set pieces etc.
  • Professional training: Supervised by UEFA Pro Lic Coach.

As well as improving technical ability, there is an emphasis in the academy to improve the physical conditioning of all participants in the program in order to maximize their potential.

B.S.A. “National Teams”


  • Players U8-U18
  • Practice 2 times a week (days depend on team)
  • 1hour 45 minutes each practice.
  • Location: Various locations (Sylvan Lakes Park / Boombah Sports Complex / Salvation Army/ North Lake Community Park)
  • Season lasts 12 months 
  • “National Teams” will be registered at the REGIONAL ELITE DEVELOPMENT League (RED) or EDP League
  • 10% Sibling Discount

Barcelona Soccer Academy Sponsors

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