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With BSA's custom UEFA Pro curriculum we educate integrally our players through a specialized education in soccer, with appropriate methodology for each age. Our objective is to prepare them adequately for their future, giving them the necessary tools to develop their skills, abilities and values.
BSA aims at developing physical, motor, cognitive, affective and social skills of our players through the processes and programs that will allow them to know and to learn of the sport, generate healthy habits and a better quality of life.
Our players are taught about the value of preparing adequately for games through implementation of guidelines for physical training, diet and nutrition, physical fitness and injury prevention. In addition, we are proud of the high standard that we set for ourselves between our players in what has sportsmanship and respect toward arbitrators refers. Therefore, we are confident that as part of BSA young players not only will this benefit of an improvement in the skill level soccer but also improve their knowledge and understanding about the extensive requirements of the beautiful game.


BSA, through some very specific values, teaches players of all ages, not only to be great players but also to be great people, forming sport and personally.

Barcelona Soccer Academy provides year round training and games for boys and girls ages 8-18 who aspire to achieve excellence.

Our emphasis is player-centric with long term development is our number one priority. The winning tradition that has been established over the past decade is based on each player improving significantly over the time they are with the club. 

The Academy Program is divided into tiers and players are selected onto teams in each tier based on ability, attitude, commitment to the game and what BSA think is best for the player’s development.

Each tier follows the same methodology using our UEFA PRO curriculum created by our UEFA Pro Lic. Technical Director. Which focuses on age-appropriate development around the four pillars of the game, technical, tactical, physical and psychological.

During the year, players are able to move between tiers based on what the technical director believes is best for each individual player’s development.

Teams are split into the following tiers:

  • Honor
  • National
  • Regional  (Available 2020/21)

All tiers are treated equally in terms of importance and attention from the Club and have the same basic program structure in terms of the length of season, the number of training sessions per week having professional, licensed BSA coaches who will often coach across multiple tiers.

The Registration "Programs | Developmental | Pre-Academy | Elite Academy | 3v3 Nationals" is not currently available.

The Registration "Programs | Developmental | Pre-Academy | Elite Academy | 3v3 Nationals" is not currently available.

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Barcelona Soccer Academy is delighted to announce a new partnership with sporting giants PUMA. The partnership with PUMA will start Spring 2018 and comes with various excellent benefits to our players.